back to school

4 Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

Let’s be honest, when the end of August closes in and preparations begin for back-to-school, it can be a pretty stressful time. Then that first week of BTS hits and full chaos ensues! Here are 4 ways you can feel more organized and less stressed for this busy time of year:

Create a Checklist

No matter what age your children are, fall is a great time to clear out closets and determine what still fits and what needs replacing. You’ll also want to take stock of what is readily available and still usable for the new school year, as well as must-get items that need to be replenished. Your checklist should include:

  • clothing, including fall outerwear and indoor/outdoor shoes
  • school supplies needed (pencils, pens, paper, erasers, markers, etc)
  • inspecting lunch containers and backpacks to determine if new ones are needed
  • purchasing/making snacks that will actually get eaten
  • making sure everything is labelled and sorted

Organize Your Space 

The last thing you’ll want is to make it through the first week of school only to find that your home is turned upside down. Organize in advance, and your future self will thank you! Some things to consider:

  • where will backpacks go?
  • what will happen to all the paperwork that comes home?
  • where will you keep schedules and important information?
  • where will your students do their homework? (are there are distractions close by?)

Plan Your Route

Helping the whole family feel organized will be a benefit that will reap ample rewards. Bus routes and school entry/exit times almost always change each year, so make sure you’re taking stock of important scheduling times:

  • where does the school bus pick up and drop off, and what time?
  • what is the the best walking route, and who would they walk with?
  • is there a kiss n’ ride drop off routine you need to know about if driving?
  • are any new protocols in place for students who bus, bike, or walk to school?

Ease Back In

Lazy days of summer see schedules go out the window. A few weeks before school starts, you’ll want to gradually start getting everyone to bed a little sooner and awake in the morning a little earlier, so it’s not a big shock to their system when school starts.

New classes and schools can be a stressful time for students and parents, so spending some time getting organized can ensure everyone feels prepared and ready to embrace a new school year.