5 Ways to Pay It Forward With Your Business

Written by Pamela Bolado

Since the pandemic began, we have seen the ultimate surge of women supporting women. I was one of the mompreneurs that took a leap of faith and pivoted my business this past year. I took my passion for supporting women through events, and created an intentional magazine based on highlighting the wonder women of the world.

Through that endeavour I created Women Who Do Wonders International, a global membership organization uniting entrepreneurs, philanthropist and mission-driven women to pay-it-forward to improve the lives of women and children around the globe.

I knew I couldn’t do this alone. With incredible partner organizations like RevolutionHER, The Philanthropy Collective, FLIK, Beauty Heroes and Aspire for Equality, I was able to create a full circle collective based on passion, purpose, pay-it-forward thinking, and leadership. See, it is all about women supporting women and collaboration over competition. We can accomplish more good when we come together.

Have you considered creating a Pay-It-Forward and Mission-Driven Business?

It is more likely you will have loyal and faithful clients and customers who know they are contributing not only to a product of service they love, but that it is also socially responsible.

Here are 5 ways you can pay it forward in your business:

  1. Partner with re-forestation projects and plant a tree for every client.
  2. If becoming a B-Corp company seems a little out of reach as a small business, try monitoring and offsetting your carbon emissions to become a carbon neutral company.
  3. Research deserving nonprofits that align with your values and donate a portion of your sales every quarter.
  4. If you are a service-based company, volunteer your expertise to a new entrepreneur and share their success story on your pay-it-forward page.
  5. Create a referral page or weekly post that refers to another business you love!

A little kindness goes a long way. As we begin to climb out of this past year, let’s consider helping one another. If anything, we have realized how small this world really is and how much we could all use a little kindness.

Pamela Bolado Pamela Bolado is a mom of three boys, a military spouse, and Founder & CEO of Women Who Do Wonders International. Born and raised in Moncton, Canada, Pamela is an entrepreneur, master esthetician, nonprofit founder, skincare developer, magazine creator, event creator, podcaster, cleft lip warrior, and athlete; she currently sits on the 2021 Advisory Council for Smile Train.

Pamela lives in Texas with her family. Being a military family means frequent moves. This past year, Pamela will have moved to three states as they have recently departed Washington State for Texas and planning their next move this May to Florida. Transitioning and pivoting is no feat for Pamela, before marrying her US Air Force pilot, she resided in Kuwait for a decade. As one of the few Canadians who remained in Kuwait after the evacuation amidst operation Iraqi Freedom, Pamela built shelter in home where she would seek refuge with her then one-year-old baby. Pamela has the ability to handle tough situations and uses her strength to empower women.

Pamela began her quest for empowering women in 2018 by hosting a Wellness & Wisdom Summit for Women of the Military. It has since branched into a global community of mission-driven women and a beautiful publication, Wellness & Wisdom Magazine.

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