tips to be more likeable

5 Ways to Be More Likeable

Wondering how to make deeper connections and find your “tribe”? The trick is not trying too hard and practicing some simple tactics that puts others at ease.

Here are five proven strategies that will help you make the right impression when making new contacts:

Be Yourself
You are the most comfortable when you are being exactly who you are. Be true to yourself and people will be drawn to you. If there are those that are uncomfortable, it’s okay – they aren’t your people!

Be Confident
Look someone in the eye, say hello and introduce yourself. Your confidence will put others at ease.

It’s the same advice your mom gave you when you were a kid and it still holds true today. Smiling is contagious, and doesn’t take much effort. You’ll be surprised how happy it can make you!

Be Interested in Others
Ask people questions about themselves. Everyone likes to connect with people who take an interest in them, and it’s easy to create a seamless dialogue when you’re showing genuine interest and listening instead of being the only one talking.

Be Positive
Make a conscious effort to have a positive outlook and people will want to be around you. Like attracts like, so even on the days when you’re not feeling particularly outgoing or happy, try finding little things to take joy and pleasure in, and positivity will naturally exude from you.