5 Conversations You Should Never Have Over Email

While email is convenient, it is not always the best way to communicate.  When you are trying to explain a complex concept or if your message is emotionally charged, it is probably better to talk over the phone or face-to-face.  Here are five conversations that you should never have online.

We can’t deliver on what was promised.

Since there is a good chance that your customer will be upset by this news, it is best to talk on the phone where you can better explain the situation.

We no longer require your services.

Don’t terminate someone’s contract over e-mail.  Pay them the respect of a face-to-face or telephone conversation.

We received your complaint.

Addressing complaints is an important component of customer service.  Make sure that you give it the attention that it deserves.

I think there has been a misunderstanding.

Misunderstandings are often caused by too much email communication and can quickly escalate to conflicts.  Catch it early on by picking up the phone and making a personal connection.

I am soooooo angry!

Never send an email when you’re angry.  Emails can be quickly forwarded and once you press send, you can never take it back.


Written by Karen Bivand