5 Bad Excuses for Not Starting a Business

Have you always dreamed about starting a business, but found that you are too afraid to take the leap?  There are plenty of good reasons not to start a business, but often it’s just good old fear that stops us.  Unfortunately, it’s the things that we don’t do that we usually regret – if you are resting on one of these five excuses, it just might be time to get out of your own way!


It’s true, you might… but you also might succeed passed your wildest imagination. In the end, even if you do fail, you will likely learn something valuable in the process.


You have something crucial in common with even the most successful business people that you know – everyone has the same 24 hours given to them on a daily basis. What are you prioritizing and how are you spending the time that you do have?


You will probably never be ready. Launching a business is always going to be scary and overwhelming, but you just need to take the plunge if you know to your core that it’s something you are passionate about doing.


Building a business takes capital… that saying “it takes money to make money” isn’t just a cliche, it’s the hard truth. Don’t let this stop you however – just start small and grow slowly! Things will move at the pace they need to, and a lack of capital shouldn’t prevent you from at least getting the ball rolling.


There is an incredible amount of resources available for new entrepreneurs, both online and at various centres you can visit in person within your community. Google is your friend here, as well as other female entrepreneurs who have some years of experience under their belts. If you ask the right questions, you will start to gain the insights you are looking for!