4 Fall Closet Reorganizing Tips

Before you jam-pack your closet and drawers with new cozy sweaters and fall/winter wardrobe essentials, it’s a great idea to clear out what you don’t need this season and have some fun reorganizing. Not only will it help you find all your fave fall staples more easily, but it will help you see just how much room you have for some fun fall shopping! Here are 4 easy steps to take, to help you get your reorg on.

Purge & Donate

Pull out any summer items from your closet and sort into 3 piles:

  • Keep: If you have everyday transitional pieces you can wear during fall and winter, make sure to keep those hanging around in your closet; any items that won’t be worn for the next 3-4 months, set aside.
  • Donate/Sell: If you haven’t worn an item in the last 6 months, or just don’t love the style or fit anymore, opt to donate to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, or try to make a few dollars by selling to a local consignment shop.
  • Recycle/Toss: Holes, stains, pilling, stretched fabrics – we all have those items in our closet that are raggedy and need to go. Try to have as little impact on landfills as possible by seeing how you might be able to repurpose your items, such as tearing clothing and using as rags in the garage or laundry room, or offering to your local animal shelter.

Store For Summer

Take a look at your keep pile, and start sorting. You’ll want to separate your summer-only pieces from your transitional ones and store them in another area for the next few months. Great items for storing include cropped off-the-shoulder tops, denim cutoffs, flip flops, and beach wear.

Clean & Refresh

Before you restock your closet and drawers, take some time to clean and refresh your space with a good dusting, vacuuming and cleaning session. Try using some warm water with your favourite essential oils to give all surfaces a cleansing wipe-down.

Bring On Fall

If you were organized during your summer closet reorg and stored away all your fall and winter items, now is the time to bring them back to your closet! Move fall items such as jackets, long-sleeve shirts and blouses, sweaters, scarves and ankle boots out of storage, and try to arrange in your closet based on outfit setup:

  • boots and shoes on closet floor
  • pants and skirts hanging
  • shirts, blouses hanging
  • scarves/ponchos hanging
  • sweaters folded
  • hats and bags on shelves

Fall is all about layering accessories for chillier days, so it’s great to have all your wardrobe and accent pieces in one spot. This will also help you transition into winter, and help you see which items you may need to add.

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