3 Quick Mindfulness Tips

Written by Rosanna Marouelli

Looking to add some mindfulness to your days, but don’t know where to start? From the first few minutes of your day until you unwind at night, keep these 3 quick and simple tips in mind to kickstart your journey…

Morning Gratitude
Before getting out of bed in the morning, take 2 minutes (I recommend setting a timer) to connect to your breath and think of 5 things you are grateful for. Do this first thing before anything else since your mind is much more receptive once you wake up. Try to make your inhales and exhales at least 4-6 seconds each and work your way up to longer breaths.

Set an alarm twice a day to remind you to pause and come back to your breath and those 5 things you chose in the morning. This gives you a moment of connection and can help calm your nervous system during your busy day.

Bedtime Gratitude
There’s a great quote by Thomas Edison that says “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” Before you fall asleep flood your mind with all the things you are grateful for and also all the things you hope for. If a stressful thought arises, quickly replace it with a thought of gratitude. Your brain can’t feel fear at the same time as love. 

Rosanna Marouelli is the owner of Modo Yoga Barrie, a multi-award winning studio for the last 11 years focused on the health and wellness of their community. Modo Yoga is a community of independent hot yoga studios, united in their dedication to create a more sustainable world. Each studio welcomes beginners and experienced students, with a mission to provide a place of peace and healing with yoga, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and osteopathic treatments.