10 Ways to Inspire Your Sales Team

If your business is sales based, an important part of your role is to motivate your team and ensure their success. Whether you are operating in the direct selling space, or utilizing another retail or distribution model, it is crucial to inspire your salespeople and support their journey.

Consider these ways to ignite the sales fire and keep it burning:

Beyond their regular compensation, sales incentives are a great motivator. These can range from gift cards, to dining experiences, all the way up to vacations. Pick incentives that will appeal to your team and create the desired outcomes.

Educational Opportunities:
The opportunity to learn and improve skills is incredibly valuable to people. This type of incentive has the added advantage of building people’s effectiveness in their role – the payoffs can far outweigh the costs.

Sales Promotions:
It’s easier to sell products or services when the offers are appealing to consumers. Having a great story to tell is motivating to salespeople and boosts their enthusiasm.

Quick & Easy Payment:
If your team is commission based, paying them as promptly as possible will be affirming and make them want to sell more. There are many banking and financial tools that can make this a reality.

Good Communication:
Commit to and encourage regular, two-way communication across your sales team. Clear understanding of team goals, processes, as well as the sharing of wins and setbacks, will truly make people feel like they are a part of something special.

Support & Empowerment:
Be there for your team and let them know that you support their accomplishments – back this up with regular outreach and helpful resources. Allow people to try new things and trumpet their successes.

Healthy Competition:
Managed appropriately, setting up competitive challenges across the team will be incredibly motivating. Consider a digital tool that will “gamify” sales outcomes and allow real-time competition.

Building Team Spirit:
Group activities, including holiday parties, social outings and even regular sales meetings, will provide a sense of shared values and goals. Tight bonds create a ‘stickiness’ that will lower personnel turnover and improve results.

Target Setting:
If you can’t measure success, it is impossible to reward it. Set overall targets with the team and work with individuals to develop goals for them to strive towards. Targets are motivating, plus they will help you activate the other incentives mentioned above.


With solid planning and help from industry experts, creating an inspired and effective team is attainable.


Written by Peter Maddox, President of DSA Canada

In Canada, direct selling companies are represented by DSA Canada, who advocate to government on behalf of the industry, provide business support and networking opportunities to member companies, promote the direct selling opportunity, and uphold the need for ethics and integrity.