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Since 2013, the National Mompreneur® Awards have recognized over 3,000 women entrepreneurs, and awarded a combined $200,000+ in bursaries, business services, promotion, and media to our winners. Launching in Spring 2021, we are taking our successful Mompreneur Awards and expanding our support for women across North America with The RevolutionHer Awards, recognizing successful women and female entrepreneurs everywhere for their hard work, dedication, perseverance, innovation and commitment to community!


– 2020 –

The 2020 Mompreneur® Awards were represented by an incredible roster of talent within the female entrepreneurship landscape. Our 25 women named as 2020 Award Finalists had a combined gross revenue of over $65 million, and provided over 1,500 jobs to the North American economy, and the women we are highlighting in this issue were awarded top honours in their category. We hope you are as inspired as we are by these amazing women!

Carinne Chambers-Saini DIVA CUP RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award winner
Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
Canada’s 2020 “Mompreneur™ of the Year”

WINNER: Carinne Chambers-Saini — Diva International
Diva International is a multinational corporation founded in 2001 by mother-daughter team Francine Chambers and Carinne Chambers-Saini. Their product, The DivaCup, is  a revolutionary menstrual care product sold in 65,000 North American outlets and in 30+ countries worldwide. The DivaCup is reusable and convenient, and the #1 sanitary product worldwide.


Honorary Recognition:
Mandy & Rebecca Wolfe — Mandy’s Gourmet Salads


Erin Woodward Girly Book Club RevolutionHer Mompreneur Awards
Mompreneurs® ‘Momentum’ Award
Making a Difference in the Community (2020)

WINNER: Erin Woodward — The Girly Book Club
The Girly Book Club is a global, in-person book club for women of all ages. Erin started the GBC as a way for women to connect with others during transitional periods in their lives over the love of a good book. All members read the same book and then meet up in their respective communities to discuss. GBC has 120 chapters across 12 countries and over 100,000 members, making it the largest and first book club of its kind. 


Honorary Recognition:
Nihal Elwan — Tayybeh Syrian Cuisine

Laurie Franklin Unique in the Creek wreath boards RevolutionHer Mompreneur Awards
Mompreneur® Startup Award
Under 3 Years in Business (2020)

WINNER: Laurie Franklin — Unique in the Creek
Unique In The Creek™ designs and manufacture innovative wreath boards that simplify DIY wreath making. Their unique streamlined system allows anyone with any skill level to make a gorgeous wreath every time, using fewer materials and less time than traditional methods. Now available in Michaels Craft Stores through Canada and the USA, Unique In The Creek wreathing boards are an Amazon top selling product, and are manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario out of 100% recycled plastic.

Honorary Recognition:

Lyndsay Scott — Kindred Cultures

Dr. Dina Kulik Kidcrew RevolutionHer Mompreneur AwardsMompreneur® Award of Distinction
Excellence in Service (2020)

WINNER: Dina Kulik — Kidcrew
Kidcrew is the first of its kind in Canada; a forward-thinking clinic focusing on patient experience, family-centered care and wellness for children and families. Kidcrew is the one stop for children’s care. The clinic is focused on health care for children age 0 to 18 years, offering everything from routine visits to pediatric subspecialties, allied health, and dental services. Practitioners work as a collaborative at Kidcrew, providing a comprehensive circle of care.


Honorary Recognition:
Jacqueline De’Ath — Homeworks Etc.

Justine Levenbery Sportball Vancouver RevolutionHer Mompreneur AwardsMompreneur® Award of Merit
Consultant, Franchisee, or Broker (2020)

WINNER: Justine Levenberg — Sportball Vancouver
Sportball Vancouver’s mission is to introduce children to sports and physical activity at an early age in a non-competitive and positive environment, to inspire them to live a healthy active life. With over 10,000 families served in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland each year, Sportball Vancouver offers multi-sport as well as sport-specific programs, after-school programs, summer camps, parent and tot programs, birthday parties, and special events.


Honorary Recognition:
Reema Rafay — Arbonne International

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Top Finalists
Charissa Floriancic (Crushed Aftercare); Billie Aadmi (Holi-Wellness with doTERRA); Charlene Li (Eatable Gourmet Popcorn); Tanya Vakil Fernandes (Forest Hill Keystone); Jennylyn Pringle (Fusion Mineral Paint); Julie Rock (Julie Rock Photography); Lyndsay Scott (Kindred Cultures); Rosy Atwal (Maple Organics); Patsy Commisso (MCC Weight Solutions); AnnaMaria DiNicolantonio (Olivia Rose); Mélanie Levenberg (PL3Y International); Shontelle DuBois (Shontelle DuBois Fitness); Kay Habib (Skilled Accents); Nihal Elwan (Tayybeh Syrian Cuisine); Kim Vopni (The Vagina Coach / Pelvienne Wellness); Kate Moir (Thirty-One Gifts); Kalpana Kundra (UNSTICK by Daughun); Julie LeJeune (Wish & Give)

Congratulations to our 2020 “Ones to Watch”
Angela Crocker (Angela Crocker & Associates); Carmen Darley (Carli D); Julie Boyer (Wake Up With Gratitude); Kimberlea Masters (RECVRD Apparel); Laura Youngs & Donna Pinsonneault (She’s Got Leggz); Lisa Evans (Chickadee Family Café); Meghann Jaeger (The Intersection: Fair Trade); Michelle Faber (Little Yogis); Mieka Forte (Mieka Forte Inc.); Milli Fox (Junior Foxes)

– 2019 –

Heba Malki Domilya Group RevolutionHer Mompreneur AwardsMompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2019 Mompreneur® of the Year”

WINNER: Heba Ahmed Malki — Domilya Group
Domilya Group is a team of skilled and dedicated contractors with decades of training and experience. Featured on HGTV and CityTV, they are experts in designing, renovating and building and have been transforming dreams into a reality since 2004. Domilya Group has their own design boutique and offer basement, bathroom, kitchen, custom and commercial renovations.


Honorary Recognition:
Tatum Wood — Timber + Gray

Denise Bebenek Meagan's Hug RevolutionHer Mompreneur AwardsMompreneurs® ‘Momentum’ Award
Making a Difference in the Community (2019)

WINNER: Denise Bebenek — Meagan’s Hug
Meagan’s Hug – Creating a Circle of Hope is dedicated to sharing a message of hope and raising awareness of paediatric brain tumours and the devastating effect they have on children and their families. We raise funds to support research at the Brain Tumour Research Centre at Sick Kids Hospital. Every year on Mother’s Day weekend we host a walk that ends with all participants surrounding Sick Kids hospital, joining hands and creating a circle of hope hugging the hospital and all those inside, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey. To date we have raised $5.4M to support brain tumour research.


Honorary Recognition:
Tanya Donahue — Mango + Moose

Suzie Yorke Love Good Fats RevolutionHer Mompreneur AwardsMompreneur® Startup Award
Under 3 Years in Business (2019)

WINNER: Suzie Yorke — Love Good Fats
Love Good Fats offers bars and shakes that are loaded with good fats, are low in sugar (1-2 grams only) and are ridiculously delicious. They are Keto and LCHF (Low Carbs High Fats) friendly. Eating a high fat diet gives you more energy, helps you to feel fuller longer and feel satisfied. Good fats help rev up your metabolism and are great brain food; and the best part is these bars taste delicious!


Honorary Recognition:
Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood — Love Powered Co.

Angela Kafadar Mompreneur AwardsMompreneur® Award of Distinction
Excellence in Service (2019)

WINNER: Angela Kafadar — Video Power Up
Video Power Up offers a variety of seminars, workshops and programs to teach small business owners how to leverage the power of video to support sales and marketing for their business, helping them to create their own marketing videos using their smartphones in order to gain a real competitive advantage and level the playing field with larger businesses and corporations.


Honorary Recognition:
Ginette Guimond — Maple Academy of Dance

Rosanna Marouelli Modo Yoga Barrie Mompreneur AwardsMompreneur® Award of Merit
Consultant, Franchisee, or Broker (2019)

WINNER: Rosanna Marouelli — Modo Yoga Barrie
At Modo Yoga Barrie, the goal is to inspire people to feel more connected to themselves and the world around them through a regular yoga practice. With weekly “karma” classes that are donation-based, for many people in the community the studio is a ‘home away from home’.


Honorary Recognition:
Chrissy Ronalds — The Lunch Lady Hamilton


Congratulations to all of our 2019 Top Finalists
Dianah Warrington (Allysian Sciences); Brooke Hohenadel (Bedtime Beginnings); Cathy Thompson (Beyond the Classroom); Tanya Hayles (Black Moms Connection); Carolyn Nikkanen (Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency); Michelle Patterson (CatNap Cottages); Lindsay Whisen (Ease Up – The Organizing Experts); Jacqueline De’Ath (Homeworks Etc.); JB Owen (Lotus Liners); Jessica Janzen (Love for Lewiston); Antonella Argento & Mia Scaff (LYNQ Nutrition Redefined); Robbin McManne (Parenting for Connection); Wendy Armbruster (Snugabell); Drupti Glowinkowski (Senegence International); Laura Newton (The Kind Matter Company); Torill Myre (Torill’s Table); Monica Ruffo (Well Told Health Botanicals); Yvonne Yua (World Financial Group)

– 2018 –

Tiber River Naturals RevolutionHer Mompreneur Awards Michelle Lalonde Adriana De Luca

Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2018 Mompreneurs® of the Year”
WINNERS: Adriana De Luca & Michelle Lalonde — Tiber River Naturals


Kate Belbeck Family Farm RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2018 Mompreneur® ‘Momentum’ Award
Service Based or Non-Profit
WINNER: Kate Belbeck — Belbeck’s Family Farm featuring Rent the Chicken


Tamara Al Dip Nanashake Nanapops RevolutionHer Mompreneur Awards

2018 Mompreneur® Startup Award
Under 3 Years in Business
WINNER: Tamara Al Dip — Nanashake


Kah-Mei Smith Young Living Oils RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2018 Mompreneur® Award of Merit
Consultant, Franchisee, or Broker
WINNER: Kah-Mei Smith — Young Living Essential Oils


Congratulations to all of our 2018 Top Finalists
Ginette Ahier (Adorable Chocolat); Christina Platt (Bamboletta Dolls); Melissa Power (For the Love of Laundry); Kerry Bunney (Hawthorne Café); Barb House (It Works!); Jennifer Zurbrigg (Juice Plus); Sheri Simson (Keen Fit Walking Poles); Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood (Love Powered Co.); Lygia Valcourt (Mary Kay); Neveen Dominic (Neveen Dominic Cosmetics); Kathy Brennan (Pampered Chef); Natalie Dueck (Rawnata); Alison Wawrzyniak (Roundtrip Studios); Elizabeth Roque (Rok Cork); Ashley Freeborn (Smash + Tess); Vanessa Miniaci & Jessica Monkcom (The Yoga Project); Natasha & Elysia Vandenhurk (Three Farmers Products); Monique Parker (Wallis Evera); Puja Misra (Zoom Into Life Photography)

– 2017 –

Dana Shortt Gourmet Mompreneur Award

2017 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2017 Mompreneur® of the Year”
WINNER: Dana Shortt — Dana Shortt Gourmet & Gifts


Lori-Ann McLeod ONYX Fit Milton RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2017 Mompreneur® ‘Momentum’ Award
Service Based or Non-Profit
WINNER: Lori-Ann McLeod — ONYX Fit


Melissa Hyslop Munch Mitt RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2017 Mompreneur® Startup Award
Under 3 Years in Business
WINNER: Melissa Hyslop — The Munch Mitt (Malarkey Kids Inc.)


Duette Anderson Sendout Cards RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2017 Mompreneur® Award of Merit
Consultant, Franchisee, or Broker
WINNER: Duette Anderson — SendOut Cards


Congratulations to all of our 2017 Top Finalists
Mirella Canavan; Stephanie Birt (Blue Ocean Office Supplies); Andrea Winarski (Easy Peasy Patches); Jacqueline De’Ath (Homeworks Etc. Designs); Karen Johnson (K’Pure Naturals); Sarah Willey (Mama Knows Luxury); Nicole Hennessy (Mommy Connections London); Melanie Wildman (Nutracelle); Sandra Venneri (Nutrition Bites); AnnaMaria DiNicolantonio (Olivia Rose); Amber Dinda (Par-T-Perfect); Michelle Emson (Sanctuary Studios); Wendy Armbruster (Snugabell); Lisa Iafrate (Talii Towels); Jennifer Reece Maxwell; Christine Frances Poe (Tikko); Dr. Theresa Nicassio (YUM: Plant Based Recipes for a Gluten Free Diet)

– 2016 –

Colleen Dyck GORP World RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2016 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2016 Mompreneur® of the Year”
WINNER: Colleen Dyck — GORP Clean Energy Bars


Dana Kerfor URSTRONG RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2016 Mompreneurs® ‘Momentum’ Award
Service Based or Non-Profit
WINNER: Dana Kerford — GirlPower & GoodGuys


Nita Tandon Dalcini Stainless RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2016 Mompreneur® Startup Award
Under 3 Years in Business
WINNER: Nita Tandon — Dalcini Stainless


Angie Wagenaar Isagenix RevolutionHer Mompreneur Award

2016 Mompreneur® Award of Merit
Consultant, Franchisee, or Broker
WINNER: Angie Wagenaar – Isagenix


Congratulations to all of our 2016 Top Finalists
Nikkie Price (Arbonne International); Candice Bell (Bitty Boots); Kasey Boudreau (Cellar 82); Cassie Krygsman (Curiosity Box); Melissa Vriesinga (Funky Monkey Fabrics); Laura Batista (Handmade For You Love Lu); Carly Shuler (Kingdom); Laurie Goodman (Laurie Goodman Photography “Life Messages”); Maria Freeman (Little Jots); Lori-Ann McLeod (ONYX Fitness); Bailey Roth (Redstone Agency); Cindy Grenier (St. Pierre Realty); Katie Valade (Sipology by Steeped Tea); Sabrina Maulucci (The Over Co.); Janey Reilly (Wee Sleep)

– 2015 –

Andrea Iervella SchoolWorx Mompreneur Award

2015 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2015 Mompreneur® of the Year”
WINNER: Andrea Iervella – SchoolWorx


– 2014 –

Elaine Tan Comeau Easy Daysies Mompreneur Awards

2014 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2014 Mompreneur® of the Year”
WINNER: Elaine Tan Comeau — EasyDaysies

– 2013 –

Jade Barr JadyBabys Mompreneur Awards

2013 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
“Canada’s 2013 Mompreneur® of the Year”
WINNER: Jade Barr — Jady Babys