We are passionate about creating tailored events, custom experiences, and impactful resources to enhance our inclusive community providing a safe space for inspiration, education, and empowerment for all women across every aspect of their life.

RevolutionHer™ is a socially driven media company that has welcomed and supported over 30,000 women and youth worldwide since 2010. Women are not one-dimensional, and their experiences shouldn’t be either! We are on a mission to connect and inspire females globally, building community every step of the way. Together we are stronger.

RevolutionHer™ works in tandem with our sister company Momentum — a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide women and girls worldwide with barrier-free access to educational resources, mentorship, and financial support.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our organization, we believe in:


Love & Kindness

Community & Belonging

Equality & Inclusivity

These core values are what drive us to work hard and dedicate our efforts for the support and advancement of all women, youth, and gender diverse people.

Our Vision

To be the leading voice and community for women around the world.

Our Mission

To bring females together through exceptional experiences and a unique platform, in order to help them express themselves and seek guidance from others in a safe and inclusive space.