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It's your time to get more out of life. RevolutionHER™ is a fierce collective of women who are ready to flip the status quo and live the lives they always dreamed they would. Fuelled by impactful events, resources, and connections for all women, we are RevolutionHER™ together, and our strength as a community of smart, capable, and powerful women is truly unstoppable.

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What is RevolutionHer™ All About?


We have supported over 60,000 women worldwide. Connect with other like-minded women from all walks of life.


Learn, shop and be inspired by women from across North America who are living their lives with passion and purpose.


Find the guidance you need to help you reach your goals in life and work, from strategies and accountability, to expert advice and more.

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woman eating healthy

2 Easy Ways to Implement Clean Eating in Your Diet

If you’re looking for a way to feel more vibrant and healthful, then clean eating is something you will likely want to try. It is recommended to start small and target slow changes into your daily routine. This will help you to not feel overwhelmed, and will start your path to clean eating feeling successful…

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Stepping Into Healing: Embracing The Journey of Self-Renewal

Written by Rebecca Reinhart Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, challenging our strength, and leaving us in need of healing. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, healing is a profound process that allows us to mend our wounds and rediscover our inner balance. Stepping into healing is a transformative journey, requiring courage, self-compassion,…

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Are You Letting Others’ Beliefs Stop You From Pursuing Your Dreams?

Written by Aleksandra Jelenic Are you feeling that urge or that craving for more? For something different? You feel it in your bones, it’s time! You want it. Maybe you think you don’t have what it takes or maybe you just can’t figure out how it would be possible for you. You feel stuck. Or…

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